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Home, Prices and Availability today.Our Chicken in Detail.Contact Us.
Breeders of dual purpose, pure-bred 
chickens for free-ranging

We provide high quality dual-purpose, pure bred chickens for rearing purposes to produce quality eggs in a free range environment or backyard.


In addition, surplus cocks and end-of-lay hens can be used as meat birds.


It is well known that dual-purpose chicken provide a healthier source of protein and nutrients compared to commercial broilers and commercial laying hens.


The first choice of dual-purpose, pure bred chicken are our indigenous chickens, which are hardier and better adapted to our climatic conditions than the commercial breeds, making them better suited for free-range and small-scale production.

We focus currently on the following three dual-purpose, pure-bred breeds:

Two indigenous breeds of South Africa, the Boschveld chicken and a hybrid, the Potchefstroom Koekoek.

The above breeds are popular for both egg and meat production as well as their ability to hatch and rear their own offspring.

The Black Australop is well adapted to tropical climatic conditions. The Black Australop is a perfect dual-purpose chicken, an excellent heavy meat bird and a layer of extra-large to jumbo size eggs; and is known to hatch and rear its own offspring.

Compared to commercial cross-bred chickens, pure-bred chickens will produce offspring of the same type, form and behavior as the parents. Quality is improved with proper selection of offspring.

Pure-bred hens are having the economic advantage of producing fertile eggs over a number of seasons,albeit in smaller quantities.






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